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Three Reasons to Choose Human Hair Extensions

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Whether you're considering permanent hair extensions, or a tape or flip-in variety, there are loads of reasons to choose human hair. Synthetic extensions may be attractive from a price point of view, but they're much less versatile and inferior in appearance. For everyday use, human hair extensions will blend better with your natural hair, can be styled and dyed using the same products, and won't need to be taken out for swimming. Read on for full details on the benefits of human hair extensions.

You can dye them

Unlike synthetic extensions which hair dye won't take to, you can dye your extensions in exactly the same way you would dye your natural hair. If there are things you're uncertain about trying on your own hair, then doing a test on removable extensions is a great option to have. For example, you might want to practice bleaching hair and then dying it a bright colour, without the risk of turning your own hair green. Practice on your extensions. If it works out well, you can repeat the process on your own hair. If something goes wrong, then you haven't done any permanent damage to your natural locks.

You can style them with heat

While some synthetic hair can be styled using a low heat, most won't be able to take higher temperatures without melting. This is really limiting if you want to experiment with fancy curls or poker straight styles. Using human hair means you can use as much heat as you like while drying, straightening and curling, without worrying about damage to the hair. You'll be able to style your extensions to match perfectly with your natural hair, creating a seamless look while adding length, thickness and volume.

You can swim with them in

Chlorine can damage the colour of synthetic hair extensions and cause them to become matted or tangled. This can render your extensions useless. By choosing human hair, you can be confident that it will hold up well while swimming—this is ideal if you're wearing your extensions during a holiday or regularly take part in water sports.

Having to take your extensions in and out every time you swim is a massive drag, especially if you wear extensions daily or use them to cover hair loss. While human hair won't tangle as badly as synthetic hair, it can still get caught up in your natural hair while swimming. Avoid this by tying all of your hair into a bun or ponytail while in the water.